9 and a Half Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman (And 1 You Should)

I hated when my ex and his family and my cowokers said almost ALL of these things…I am not a vessel to be poked and prodded…


1. Do not say “Wow, you must have twins in there!” or “Did you swallow a basketball?” or “I don’t see any evidence!” In fact, do not comment on size, period. (Ever. Gestational status notwithstanding.) Some of us aren’t comfortable with how big we’ve gotten, and others aren’t comfortable with how small we are. “You look lovely!” will do just fine, thanks.

2. Do not, unsolicited, regale a first-time mom with stories of an episiotomy that left you permanently incontinent, or how you know someone whose epidural didn’t work so labor was more like writhing-silently-in-pain, make-your-best-Edvard-Munch-face twilight sleep from 1950s horror-flick lore. (If she wants to pursue anecdotal gore — and many of us do and will — let me her initiate that indelicate conversation.)

3. Refrain from telling her you think everything pregnancy- or childbirth-related is gross (even though it most certainly is). After your mom gained a…

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One thought on “9 and a Half Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman (And 1 You Should)

  1. cdaggett08 says:

    I agree completely!! I have to say, along with number 2, any woman who wants to have children should not work around pregnant or laboring women. As a labor nurse, I can vouch for this, I was terrified because of my patients and what I knew could happen, not because of other horror stories!!

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