5 Baby Snacks I Secretly Love (To Eat)

Puffs1.) Gerber Graduate Vanilla Puffs- these smell and taste like cupcakes. Pretty much all Puffs taste amazing, but these are my favorite… I mean Andrew’s favorite.

Rice Rusks 2.) Banana Rice Rusks- they sound awful, feel like cardboard, the packaging is kind of 80’s, but they are really mum-mum. Best part, each packet is 15 calories! Of course, I only eat whatever Andrew doesn’t finish…

yogurt 3.) Gerber Graduates Strawberry Yogurt Melts- a healthy alternative to astronaut ice cream I died for as a kid. Like Pringles, once you pop, you can’t stop.

Gerber-Graduates-Lil-Crunchies-Cinnamon--pTRU1-8510710dt 4.) Gerber Cinnamon Maple Lil’ Crunchies- Okay I promise Gerber isn’t paying me to promote their products. Probably the least healthy option, but one of the yummiest, it tastes like Stacie’s Cinnamon Pita Chips in the form of a corn curl. Huge fan!

YogurtAppleCinnamonWheatBlend1-245x311 5.) Beech-Nut Cinnamon Yogurt- this is more of a breakfast compliment for a growing boy, but Andrew loves squeeze-n-eat products. I can get him to stop crying in two seconds when he sees the Beech-Nut pouch. Very yummy. Then again, cinnamon is kind of a go-to in my house.


3 thoughts on “5 Baby Snacks I Secretly Love (To Eat)

  1. jennygirlpower says:

    I loved reading your blog…..The one on your mom was very sweet….I have 2 little girls myself and I wanted to introduce myself. I started “mommy blogging” a few months ago…My favorite routine to get my energy back are yogurt facials, running in the morning, and my absolute favorite “preggy” bars which were a huge part of my healthy pregnancy diet plan that I get at sprouts or online and post pregnancy as well, lots of Kumbucha, chia and yoga…I love and started Instagraming too. Ok look forward to more blogs.
    Merry Christmas.
    Thanks Jenny….

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