Daycare Costs More Than College Tutition

daycareMy monthly daycare cost is $1,000.

That’s $12,000 a year for one semester in a Metro-DC private college.

That’s two semesters worth of credits at an in-state college.

That’s a year’s tuition in at Northern Virginia Community College.

According to a new study by Child Care Aware of America, parents in 31 states are shelling out more annually for child care than for a year of tuition at a state college. Massachusetts parents are spending the most, paying $16,549 per year — 15 percent of the median income for a two-parent family — to send an infant to a center for care.

Now, I’m lucky because even though Maryland housing is outrageous, my company compensates me based on the market and standard of living. But not all single parents or two-parent homes are as fortunate. I receive $800 a month for child support. This helps, but I still have the added cost for giving my day care provider all the daily necessities, another $400 a month. I pay another $300 dollars a month for supplies at my house and when Andrew is with my parents. The total comes to roughly $1700 a month to care for Andrew. Factor my housing at $2,100 a month and that’s 2/3 of my take-home pay (I’m moving soon to lower the cost). I then squirrel away another $117 dollars a month for Andrew’s college savings plan.

So that we all have a bit of good news:

Research shows money spent on child care pays off. “High-quality child care not only helps parents to be more productive at work, but also provides benefits to young children, including improving school readiness,” says Wood. “Children from low-income families show better language and social skills as a result of attending daycare.”

My provider is teaching Andrew Spanish in addition to English. It’s incredibly costly, but I continue to see this cost as an investment in my child’s development. It only makes me work harder and become more determined to succeed.

That was my attempt to be positive…I only hope I can pay for at least one year of college by 2032…


One thought on “Daycare Costs More Than College Tutition

  1. cdaggett08 says:

    I am fortunate enough to get to stay home with my daughter. Because I stay home I still have to provide all the formula and food and so on for my daughter, but I save money on child care. My husband was offered another job shortly after my daughter was born with good insurance and making the same as the two of use were making before. Also, in trying to find daycare we had many issues. The first is finding one open. As a nurse I work 12 hour shifts, and my husband works 12 hour shifts or longer now, and most daycares are open only 7-5. I live over an hour away from our closest family and most of them still work full time so they wouldn’t be able to take care of her either. Even at that, I would spend just as much in daycare as I would make working. Basically I would be working to pay someone else to raise my child. Most daycares around here require the child to be there a minimum of 3 days every week and I would only need her there at most 2 days a week because I would work weekends when they were closed. All of this makes it very difficult! Thank you for sharing.

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