4 Other Things For When It Sucks Being A Single Mother…

Yesterday I posted how much it BLOWS to be sick and a single mom (re: When It Sucks Being A Single Mother…). And yet there are at least 4 other things made easier if you have a helpful hubby.

4 Other Things For When It Sucks Being A Single Mother… 1.) Walking the dog in the winter– If it weren’t for climate change, walking the dog in -20 would be that much crueler. Thrown in a toddler swaddled in four layers of clothes and two blankets, a stroller, toys, and snacks. Add projectiles every five steps in the form of toys or bottles. When the dog is finally finished twenty minutes later, you have the treat of carrying the poop bag, pushing the stroller and navigating the leash and nose of an ADHD-GPS tracker.


2.) Unloading the groceries in an apartment complex– Nothing is worse than getting home from Costco and realizing the job is only 75% complete. It’s now a battle of the wits as to how many bulk items will fit into the undercarriage of a stroller all at once. Answer: Not many. After 4-5 stroller trips with the baby in tow, the other 25% is figuring out how to reorganize the kitchen.

grocery unload

3.) Toy assembly– Okay, I could ask my dad to help me with this. But NO! my inner Rosie the Riveter scoffs the idea. You Can Do It! And I do, but not very well…


4.) Getting date-ready– Nothing is sexier than your shortest LBD with a cracked coating of baby drool. I don’t care how many hours you’re able to coordinate your outfit, makeup, hair, and purse, there is always a Gerber’s puff cereal remnant in your hair or down your bra.



4 thoughts on “4 Other Things For When It Sucks Being A Single Mother…

  1. vagabondmommy says:

    The grocery thing still gets me even after 2 years. It’s the worst, but I got a new apartment not upstairs and close to the car just 2 months ago. I can tell my grocery muscles are disappearing.

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  2. betternotbroken says:

    Well, I don’t date, I haven’t been to Costco since I got the membership as a job perk 5 months ago because it is too expensive and too much work and I would have to convert the box of SunChips with 48 bags into a coffee table to store it, I have birthday toy for Kid 2 that needs to be assembled from 2 years ago and I cannot handle a dog on top if it all, at least Laurence Fishburne makes me laugh with his pants efficiency, why bother complicating life with daily wardrobe changes. Great post. Oh, thank you for following my blog!

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