Mom Jeans Styze

preggo chicThe antichrist of all the skinny-jean wearing bitches: Mom Jeans. Not only do I have Mom Jeans, I have a particularly offensive wardrobe of Pregnancy Mom Jeans. You know, the ones that look like Spanx and Levi brands had a love child with a sown-in expandable belly. Ingenious. Why haven’t they marketed these to the masses?

I am not afraid to say that I’ve worn my Pregnancy Mom Jeans during Thanksgiving, on dates, and running errands with a long and loose fitting top. You can’t tell the difference. They may not be the picture of sexy when it’s time to get down, but  they do a fine job of sucking in that food-baby pooch! Thankfully Pregnancy Mom Jeans have several modern styles (courtesy of Jessica Simpson and Pea in the Pod) in the form of pseudo-skinny jeans. Clueless gal pals have even complimented my style. Mwahahaha! If they only knew…

As a young mother in my late twenties, I sometimes grapple with my style evolution. My little black dresses sadly hang on the rack, whispering “wear me! wear me!” Sometimes I succumb, wearing one to relive my younger years of free-spirit nights out. Mom Jeans and other “mom gear” is par for the course. It’s comfortable and we have so many things to do that style is the least of our concerns. My closet looks confused – glitter, minis and plunging necklines opposite oversize sweats, Mom Jeans and shapeless button-ups (that have the help of my empire waist belt).

Before I was a mom, I rocked the layered look. I had plenty of flowing, long blouses to pair with smart blazers and low rise jeans. Now, I have an amalgam of my pregnancy style and modern chic. I don’t plan on having more kids ANYTIME soon and it seems like such a waste to throw all of my pregnancy style out the window. So like any resourceful mom, I adapt.

Why own Spanx and skinny jeans when I can kill two birds with one stone and rock some carefully hidden “preggo chic?”

#PreggoChic and proud of it!


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