The Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

1.) Woke up at 6 am to try and get a head start. Mosey into Andrew’s room to be greeted by a poop bomb EVERYWHERE. On his clothes, down his legs, on the floor and wedged in between the wall and his crib.

2.) Bathe Andrew, then shower.15 minutes behind.

3.) Andrew pile drives into a wall. Cries uproariously. Comfort him and finish getting dressed.

4.) Drop Andrew off at daycare. Daycare provider says he looks sick and feels warm. I ask her to take his temperature in front of me. She declines and sends me on my way.

5.) Arrive 15 minutes late to work.

6.) In a million meetings. No time to eat! Feeling grumpy. Botch an important assignment.

7.) Get another text from ex boyfriend. Obviously the text I DIDN’T send him the first time never went through. His text says: I was just thinking about you and really missed you and wanted to know how you’re doing.

8.) Get a call from daycare provider asking me to pick up Andrew- he now has a fever.

9.) Driving like a banshee to pick up Andrew. Work calls incessantly asking for me to make updates on slides.

10.) Get home and botch the slides again.

11.) Eat my lunch at 3:00 PM.

12.) Determine Andrew is not feverish, he’s teething.



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