Ex Files: “The Art of Manliness” Man

mustacheLife never ceases to amaze me.

Yesterday, as I scrolled through the list of online daters who “liked” my profile, I came across a familiar face from seven months earlier. This was the guy who was separated and going through a divorce, but who broke it off with me because he wanted to get back together with his ex-wife (re: 5 Dating Don’ts With The Separated Man).

He actually had the gall to “like” my profile rather than send me a message. I guess he was testing the waters. He really stuck out at me because he confessed his love for “The Art of Manliness” blog. Despite the name, there’s nothing offensive or openly chauvinistic about the blog- it vacillates between 1900’s, 1950’s and post-modern man “tips” for today’s gentlemen. What I found interesting was he always quoted the blog in nearly everything he talked about. 1.) How to Be a Great Dad- there’s an AOM post for that! 2.) How to Date Like a Gentleman- there’s an AOM post for that too!  3.) How to Jump Start a Car- Well, look it here! There’s a post on that.

So I did something silly. I messaged him.

December 16th @ 9:30pm (Me): “Really…” (this was meant to be a slap in the face. He made such a big deal about missing his wife and now he’s right back to where he began. TYS- told you so).

December 18th @ 6:57am (Him): Hey, how are you? (at this point I’m not sure if he’s treading lightly after our less than cordial parting more than half a year ago).

December 18th @ 9:15am (Me): Fine…and you? (I’m not sure what I want from this interaction. If I’m honest with myself, I am miffed that he didn’t think to text or message me).

December 18th @ 9:45am (Him): Egh, it’s life as usual. How’s the kiddo? (This is classic. Deflecting from the obvious fail with his ex).

I haven’t responded yet. I think what get’s me is that he was the first new guy I actually liked and could see myself dating. We had great physical chemistry. We talked for hours. I still don’t understand why he was so “meh” about me. I’m pretty sure I played it right. Seemed mysterious, interesting and not too available.

Maybe I should let sleeping dogs lie. Thoughts?


22 thoughts on “Ex Files: “The Art of Manliness” Man

  1. aryacenaxoxo says:

    This is just me but I would probably just let things be. If you continue the conversation and he really is missing you then he may think more into it. Unless you still have feelings for him yourself. But then again maybe it didn’t work out with his ex and now he is going to try to come back to you? If I knew him better I would be able to give you a more in depth answer lol

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  2. aryacenaxoxo says:

    Anytime 🙂 I am pretty good at it too. I had an ex that would not leave me alone and I was very cold with him and my friend always asked me how I could just brush him off. Even at 19 I was still very good at it lol.

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