Holiday Dad-isms: It’s Never Wrong To Do the Right Thing

My dad is one of the wisest men I know. This stands true even with his daily Obama rants (eye roll).

As a child, my dad hammered a saying into my young, brain-sponge:

“It’s never wrong to do the right thing.”

Right wrong

As a new parent, these words have never been truer during the holidays, namely Christmas (re: Finally Something We Can Agree On: Not Splitting Santa or Halving Hanukkah).

It’s never wrong to do the right thing by…

  1. Buying Andrew’s cousins Christmas gifts and cards for the adults. Why punish the kids or act mean-spirited?
  2. Acting gracious. Giving my ex a visitation extension for Friday, December 26th with his regularly scheduled weekend visitation. It benefits Andrew, even if I will selfishly miss him.
  3. Sharing Andrew’s daycare artwork. I have one of Rudolph. His dad can have the Christmas tree painting.
  4. Wishing his family a happy holiday during drop-off. No one likes a Grinch!
  5. Not bugging my ex’s family for text updates about my son’s well being. My mom disagrees, but I think this type of “check in” does more harm than good. It passive-aggressively calls into question their judgement for a four day visitation.

My attempt at living an “enlightened” life.

Enlightened living: Meaning and mindfulness in everyday life.


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