Why Public Restrooms Need A Designated Diaper Changing Stall…

Everyone is guilty of using that the handicap toilet to take a dump. Or to change your kid. If you say you don’t in the comments section, I am officially calling you out! I argue it is used 90 percent of the time as the designated “dumper” or changing area when there are no changing tables or there are horribly placed changing station fold-outs for the following reasons:

1.) It’s bigger. You can really stretch out while you push. Or you can easily park your stroller while digging for baby wipes.

2.) It’s located at the end of the bathroom. You’re not sandwiched between two pissers who can hear all your grunts and plops. Or smell baby shit. Most people have enough sense to stay away from the handicap stall when they need to take a quick tinkle.

3.) It often has ample toilet paper and Febreze behind the toilet. I mean, that courtesy flush only goes so far…as well as those disposable, diaper plastic bags.

4.) It sometimes sports a changing table for the moms. No one likes changing their kid right near the sink (um hygiene much?) or near the door entrance (heavy bathroom traffic smelling baby shit. I become the instant bad guy for the ” child free” movement).

The architects of these poorly constructed bathrooms clearly do not have kids!

It’s almost 2015 and our public restrooms still look like this (if we are lucky enough to have a changing station!):

My own rendition

I get it, this is on the bottom of the architect’s list during the design phase, but if you’re innovative enough, can’t you convert the changing table into a little stall? Nothing chaps my ass more than when I go into a family restaurant and they fail to have a changing table or place the fold-out right next to the dryer. UGH. Great, my baby gets hot hair blown on his irritated bum.

Nine times out of 10 I have a stroller that also blocks bathroom traffic.

Small wins are when there’s a separate bathroom dedicated to mothers/fathers with young children. But that’s like find a needle in a haystack. You “favorite” that location in your brain like your list on Google Maps.

Am I the only one experiencing this?


17 thoughts on “Why Public Restrooms Need A Designated Diaper Changing Stall…

  1. aryacenaxoxo says:

    I don’t like that the dryers are so close also, there are people with wet hands flinging the water all over getting it on you and the baby. I agree 100% there should be a designated stall! I have seen bathrooms with the table in the handicap stall that is always nice! Only problem is when someone who is handicapped comes to use the stall. (Which rarely happens lol)


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