A Childless Christmas Part II: Still Not Guilty

I slept in until 12:30pm. I had my first cup of coffee at 12:45pm. These little luxuries are vital for single parents.

You know what, despite my initial fear of a Childless Christmas, I don’t feel guilty!

Resting and recharging your inner being is what makes any parent a GREAT parent.

Recently, I’ve read a few single mommy blogs about Christmas guilt. The vast majority felt guilty not spending the holiday with their kids. I get where their coming from, however some part of their post admitted they felt relieved to abandon the stress of the holidays’.

As many of you read in my previous posts, my blogging journey and goal is to learn from the anecdotes of parents from all walks of life (we are such a diverse group and generally speaking, we support each other) so that I can pursue an “enlightened lifestyle” or being more mindful of my positive and productive feelings, staying mindful and gentle of my child’s feelings and the others around me while accumulating some parenting “life hacks” from the community.

What I’ve learned so far is that guilt is not a positive or productive feeling, yet American society glorifies it as a badge of honor.

Why is exhaustion, over-work and under valuing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs something to honor just because we’re parents?

Something worth pondering.


11 thoughts on “A Childless Christmas Part II: Still Not Guilty

  1. musingsimplicity says:

    I think as mothers we have to be mindful not to pass on to our daughters the idea that it is the mom’s job to “make the holidays happen”, to the point of causing her much stress. How did it become a female job? We need to know our limits and not go beyond them.

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  2. Army of Angels says:

    This was my second childless Christmas morning. You are so right about guilt not being positive or productive…it takes time and practice to avoid falling into guilt traps (self or other imposed), I love Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs💚

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  3. Angela says:

    I am still enjoying my childless Christmas break, and have yet to even begin to feel guilty. When they only see their father one time a year; I need the break. I don’t care when I get it, I just need it 🙂

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  4. monicareplogle says:

    As my very first chrismas alone passed, I was more cincerned of feeling lonely, the guilt comes from all the years my children endured a home in which was had moments like your post about “Mary”. I truly enjoy your perspective, and forthright posts, it helps to remind me that in my solitude, i am not alone.

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    • mummzydearest says:

      Thank you SO much! I appreciate your thoughtful comments! Blogging helps me realize that I’m not alone and even when I may be physically, there is such a wonderful and supportive community of mothers and parents of all walks of life with stories I can learn from.

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