To Moms: You’re More Beautiful Every Day

The last post, Mary’s Story: Leaving Her Abuser (Hopefully Forever) was very intense and difficult for me to write because I see so much of my old self in Mary.

Instead of feeling depressed, my thoughts drifted to how truly beautiful mothers are and specifically, single mothers (only because I’m a bit biased).

We aren’t told this enough.

But we shouldn’t have to be told. We should feel it. Every single day.

It’s hard to get up and work through the day-to-day mechanization of taking care of our children. Smearing on lipstick and mascara is the last thing on our minds. Even if we have a little money set aside to get that well-deserved hair cut and color.

Without all that pretty-making, our children (hopefully) keep our inner being light and happy.

I am a big believer of karma because it’s based on cause-and-effect science. You do positive things, help others, or have merely exhibit good intentions and eventually the effect will pay back in dividends. It may take time, but it happens.

Our beautiful inner beings can also translate to beautiful exteriors. Sure there’s always a few pounds to lose or a few under-eye bags we’d like to see magically disappear, but with creative organization, enough rest, and stealing those “me” moments, you’ll be surprised how small changes snowball into something beautiful.

To all the mothers out there, you are BEAUTIFUL on the interior and exterior. Say it. Think it. Live it.


3 thoughts on “To Moms: You’re More Beautiful Every Day

  1. mothererased says:

    And not only beautiful, but powerful beyond your wildest dreams! There’s a quote from the movie/memoir Wild that goes something like this: “Your wound comes from the same place as your power”. It you can face the wound and heal it, the reward is powerful indeed.

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