Anti-New Year’s Resolution

I thought I’d reblog since it still holds water before New Year’s.

Mumz the Word...

New years

In a moment of self-reflection as I near the dreaded 3-0, I replay the emotions and events of my pre-baby life.

It looked like this:

  • Anxiety- worried if I had Saturday night plans with the gals or a prospective date. If my weekend wasn’t planned in advance, I’d lament that my “best years” were being wasted on rom-coms and Sex and the City reruns.
  • Love- highly idealized checklist of character traits. I fell hard and succumb to the silly, text-waiting games. I was perfect bait for lurking alphas or Pick-Up Artists (ex: baby daddy was quite the Lothario.)
  • Fashion- spent my hard earned cash on Arden B. dresses and Forever 21 frocks in the hopes that I would stay forever 21.
  • Work- obsessively churned. I ALWAYS stayed late. I did the extra work even if it meant I wouldn’t be compensated accordingly. Interestingly, I was passed over for promotions.
  • Fitness-…

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