Are The Terrible Twos Rearing Its Ugly Head A Year Early?

twoAndrew turned one only a few weeks ago and already I’ve seen a noticeable change in his personality.

At first, I thought that spending almost a full week with his dad was the culprit. He always needs an adjustment period. Maybe my apartment is too under-stimulating.

But for the past several days I’ve noticed the following:

1.) Temper tantrums for the most mundane parent-redirects- i.e. taking away dog kibble from his hand and replacing it with a toy gets a kicking and screaming fit.

2.) Diapering- again, kicking and screaming. Changing him is like a entering a baby battlefield.

3.) Biting- luckily he doesn’t have many teeth yet, but he gums my arm when I pick him up from an activity that isn’t child-friendly, like trying to open cabinet doors.

4.) Grabbing my knees- when I need to blow dry my hair or brush my teeth.

5.) Terrorizing the dog- pulling my second baby’s ears until he yelps.

6.) Incessant need to be in my arms- he was always an independent baby, on the move, so this behavior is new.

7.) Dressing- he would love nothing more than to sit in nothing but a diaper and wrestles with me to put on clothes. It’s exhausting.

8.) Eating- feeding the dog his crackers and then crying when the dog actually eats them!

9.) Walking- refuses to walk and still prefers to crawl everywhere.

Any thoughts or advice? Should I gear up for the “terrible twos” a year early?


8 thoughts on “Are The Terrible Twos Rearing Its Ugly Head A Year Early?

  1. aryacenaxoxo says:

    My niece was the same way, she started acting out right after she turned one and she has been a brat ever since. Her parents don’t discipline either, which makes it worse. She is 4 now but still acts like she is 2.


  2. m says:

    This is normal and nothing to worry about. I have two of my own (now 10 & almost 7) 5 nieces and nephews and four younger siblings. Best advice? As much as possible pick your battles and refuse to be manipulated by it. Also, read Love & Logic books. So far they seem to be some of the only sane parenting advice I’ve ever found.


  3. annreichardt says:

    This too shall pass. I remember mothers being so concerned about their child using a nook or drinking a bottle at 2 years. My response ” Don’t worry they won’t be using them when they get to college….Everything is developmental and necessary…Patience!!

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