10 Words I Hope Will Die Off In 2015

The digital age (insert cliche) is running rampant with the dumbest acronyms, abbreviations, hashtags and new words altogether.

Here are the Top 10 I despise:

1.) Cray-cray (adj.): Made-up word. A higher degree of crazy. Meaning mentally deranged.

Sentence: “Dora is acting all cray-cray after she saw her ex boyfriend with a new girl on Facebook.”

2.) agro (adj.): a shortened and misspelled word for aggressive. Meaning hostile.

Sentence: “Girl, you are straight agro when you drive!”

3.) totes (adverb): a shortened and misspelled word for totally. Meaning completely.

Sentence: “You’re looking totes hot right now!”

4.) literally (adverb): overused and misused to replace the word like. Meaning exactly.

Sentence: “She literally slept with him. She was literally so drunk that she literally forgot his name when she woke up.”

5.) legit (adj.): a shortened and often misused form of legitimate. Meaning confirmed authority.

Sentence: “Damn, dawg, my game is too legit!”

6.) #ROFL (v.): abbreviation for “rolling on the floor laughing.” Meaning the expression of hilarity.

Sentence: “OMG I’m ROFL my FAO” (Oh my gawd, I’m rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off).

7.) unfriend (v.): made-up word for no longer following an individual on Facebook. Meaning Facebook retribution for injustice of or apathy to an individual’s newsfeed.

Sentence: “I can’t believe he unfriended me before I could unfriend him! Douche bag!”

8.) #Shutdowntheinternet (v.) hashtag made popular by Kim Kardashian’s bare ass on Paper Magazine. Meaning to make a lewd act viral.

9.) Kimye, Brangelina, Bey a.ka. Sasha Fierce, Mariah a.k.a. The Elusive Chanteuse (n.): uni-names of celebrity couples or celebrity alter egos. Meaning derived and created by lazy tabloid trolls or publicists.

Sentence: “Did you hear that Kimye is getting a divorce?”

10.) uncoupling (v.) overused word popularized by Gweneth Paltrow’s and Chris Martin’s split. Meaning to separate or disconnect.

Sentence: “After a long discussion, my husband and I are consciously uncoupling and choosing to co-parent our children.”

Have additions to the list?



13 thoughts on “10 Words I Hope Will Die Off In 2015

  1. luckyotter says:

    I agree about all of these. They sound so dumb and well, cray cray.
    Gotta admit though, I’m guilty of using “legit” a lot. That one doesn’t bother me so much, but I bet it’s annoying to others.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nathan says:

    The word hashtag is really a number sign #. It has been hijacked and is meaningless the way it’s used. People who don’t understand math are victims.

    Liked by 1 person

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