Single Mommy Wish List For 2015

wishlist1.) More “fun” time with Andrew. Sometimes I feel like all I am doing is the hard stuff: parenting.

2.) Less “mommy” advice just because I’m a single mom. This inevitably leads to unfounded mommy guilt.

3.) More excitement to date. Lately I’ve been very “meh” about it all.

4.) More single mommy pals. Seriously, 50% of mothers are single in my area, so why is it so hard to connect?

5.) The effortless ability to keep my living area spotless.

6.) A daycare that actually “cares” about a parent’s schedule and limitations. And no more tuition hikes.

7.) The hope that Andrew will start walking soon.

8.) Working from home schedule.

9.) More laughing, giggling and smiling.

10.) Letting go of anger and disappointment. Intellectually I KNOW they are unproductive feelings. But, I’m human right?


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