How I Blasted My Post-Baby Tummy Pooch

Exclusive... Jenna Dewan Returns To Work After Having Her BabyNothing is more aggravating than seeing a tabloid magazine of the latest celebrity mommy svelte, with a tiny waist (see Jenna Dewan on the left TWO MONTHS after birth).

It’s not fair because these women have the time, resources and fifty trainers at their beck-and-call.

It took me a lot longer than two months to get back into shape. About six months to be exact. Since I had a natural birth, I could get back in the gym pretty quickly. I don’t diet. After eating everything I wanted for a year, that was too horrific to contemplate.

The only solution for me was spinning.

It took me about six weeks to heal (breastfeeding contracted my uterus faster). When I was able to sit on a stationary bike comfortably, I took spin classes in the hopes that some of my chunk might migrate to my ass (I need a little help in that area anyway).

Surprisingly, spin class works at your core, not just your leg muscles. If you’re lucky enough to get an instructor who knows what they’re doing, they will alternate between position two and three (position two is cycling on the bike upright and position three is your butt hovering over the seat). Believe it or not, your stomach muscles are doing a lot of work as you alternate your standing and sitting positions. Add to the fact that you burn about 600 – 700 calories per 45 minutes. It’s a great work out for post-postpartum women because we know we all need the motivation from an over enthusiastic instructor.

The effect was marvelous. I was back to my pre-baby weight in six months with a semi-toned tummy. I actually could see my stomach muscles again!

Now, I’m a pretty tall woman, over the average, so I’m sure genetics also came into play. But if the idea of running on a treadmill or an elliptical for an hour absolutely bores you, I suggest a cardio intensive group class that will keep you motivated and less bored.


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