Mother Hovering On Steroids: Baby “Wearables”

Baby-wearable tracking devices debut at Consumer Electronics Show 2015

Baby-wearable tracking devices debut at Consumer Electronics Show 2015

Finally something my mother can get behind: baby “wearables.”

“In the middle of the night, if your child’s temperature is spiking, it can alert you to that,” says Matt Ream, the company’s vice-president of marketing for TempTraq.”

There’s also a baby bottle cover that tracks the time, quantity and length of a baby’s feeding.

Okay, I have a few concerns about tracking my baby. Number one is privacy. Since this all managed by apps, how do we know our baby’s information is secure? Couldn’t a malicious hacker tamper with the tracking? For example, our baby’s temperature is manipulated by a hacker and shows 104.1? Any good parent would rush their baby to the hospital, spend tons of money in the ER, only to find out their temperature is 99.1?

I might be a little on the conspiracy theory side, but with the Sony hacking and Snowden leaks all over the media, I’m voting for LESS tracking devices, not more.

And do I really need to track how much and how often my baby is fed? Isn’t that why babies cry? They are their own tracking devices.

My second concern is that parents who rely on tracking devices may not “bond” as closely with their babies. I have cultivated an intuitive “reading” of Andrew’s needs based on watching his body language and mentally tracking his day-to-day activities. I know when something’s up. I shouldn’t need a tracking mechanism to tell me when he’s sick or hungry.

I think baby “wearables” are being marketed to the wrong group. I see an application for this in a hospital for babies that may have serious medical issues. This may be a less invasive alternative to sticking a baby full of IVs and wires.

I guess I’m not the target market. Just my two cents.


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