The Phenomenon Of “The Single Mother”

A perfect example of how women do a disservice by not supporting each other. What is so scary about talking and sharing life hacks with other single mothers and giving them support? It’s not praise, it’s called SUPPORT. This post literally makes me cringe. Her husband sounds like a big baby too. Ugh, I shudder to be a fly on their wall. Seriously, think before you write. So Momlife101, here are your 15 minutes of fame :-).


Mom Life 101

Is anyone else offended by the amount of praise single mothers are getting now days? I can say first hand that it literally make me cringe. It seems that the society we are living in has accepted single motherhood as a tremendous normality of family living. Day by day I log in to my social media sites only to be taunted by the praise many single mothers are getting because she does “everything” on her own, and I can honestly say that it really hits the spot. Mostly because I feel that a mother in general does an incredible amount of work single or not we all are changing diapers, kissing boo boos, playing at the park, reading bedtime stories. If anything a married mother is the one that’s doing more. How, you ask? Well its simple I am a married woman and a mother and my daily life is as…

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