A Sample of Internet Dating Responses I Have Received

Online Dating Trolls of The Year! Great post 10 Years a Single Mom (http://10yearsasinglemom.com/)!

10 Years a Single Mom

I have on and mostly off attempted to jump into internet dating for the last 10 years.  To be fair most of the responses have been appropriate and this is in no was a man bashing exercise.  It’s more of me wondering how on earth anyone with half a brain would think saying these things to a perfect stranger seems like a good idea to anyone.

I have made no corrections to punctuation, spelling or grammar.

– Hello sexy lady how are you tonight I’m from (my town) do you want to meet 4 coffee at DND next Thursday at 2:30

While I have to agree I am very sexy, only someone who knows me well can say that to me without me throwing up a little in my mouth….call me old fashioned.

-Im in love with ur eyes  hair ur smile.

Seriously?  A sentence might have made this a…

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