When The Snowflakes Don’t Stick… A Dating Metaphor

My dating blog posts are mostly negative because they are pretty funny and well-worth documenting.

However, I want to dedicate this blog post to all the wonderful guys out there who were engaging, considerate, sweet and all-around nice guys, but who I decided not to pursue because the chemistry was missing/off.

snowflakeBecause it’s snowing and not sticking in my neck of the woods today, it serves as the perfect metaphor for the lack of chemistry in relationships/dating.

Have you ever been on a date with a guy who looks GREAT on paper, is interesting and a great conversationalist but for some reason the attraction isn’t there?

Here are a few of my anecdotal dating examples:

Dating Crashers (Ryan) 

We had quite a few things in common. He was an unmarried, accidental parent. He loved his daughter and we traded parenting tips. He was a man of few words, however, when he spoke, they were enlightening. Physically, the attraction never materialized, even though he was handsome by conventional standards. His lack of ambition kind of irked me too.

Platonic Ex (Jeff)

We have a long history together as a couple. Over time, the attraction waned due to his lack of ambition and care-free (alcohol-induced) lifestyle. Underneath these vices, he’s very kind and exceptionally attentive to my needs and often helps me with Andrew and my pup. Although the physical chemistry has fizzled, he never ceases to amaze me with his unwavering support of my single-mom-dom.

“Art of Manliness” Man

When we did manage to sync schedules and actually go out on dates, he was incredibly kind and the constant gentleman. The kind that opened car doors and got up when you left the table. Our physical chemistry was off the hook. Emotionally, we were incompatible and it was clear we were in two different worlds. I was available, while he was terribly stuck on his ex wife. Even though he may have played one or two texting games, I don’t harbor any ill will- we just couldn’t work.

So like the snowflake that fails to stick, either because the temperature isn’t cold enough, the snow is too wet, or through a combination of factors, if you don’t have chemistry under the right conditions, it will never work.


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