Pregnancy Forever Changed My Tastebuds

It’s been over a year since pregnancy and my taste palate has never been the same. Some food obsessions have returned, but for the most part, I haven’t been able to enjoy the following:

  • Wine- I can’t seem to stand more than two glasses anymore after switching to red and then back to white. All alcohol is pretty much acrid, bitter and ho-hum to my taste buds.
  • Mint gum- I always had icy, cool peppermint or spearmint on hand. Now, I begrudgingly chew gum or Altoids just to mask the taste of garlic or bad breath. I chew for one minute and I’m ready to spit it out.
  • Tomato juice- I used to guzzle this stuff by the Costco 24-pack, especially during the beginning period of my pregnancy. Now, it makes my stomach turn.
  • Packaged deli meat- it’s probably because my doctor ruled this out during pregnancy, but I can’t stand a slippery, soggy meat in my home-made sandwich.

On the upside, I have cultivated new tastes for things I never really enjoyed:

  • Bananas- I used to like the flavor, but never the real deal. Now I buy the real deal.
  • Oatmeal- a product from my breastfeeding days, I really love the cinnamon spice flavors as a snack.
  • Granola- I buy this over traditional cereals. The market has definitely improved the flavoring, so it might be less about taste and more about variety.
  • Smoky cheeses- OH MY GAWD, I can’t get enough of smoked Gouda. In fact anything smoked is immensely delicious.
  • Gatorade- I’m obsessed. it’s not the best choice of juices due to the sugar content, but I love sport drinks in all flavors except grape.
  • Chocolate- Pre-pregnancy, I was NEVER into chocolate. Uh, that’s changed.

Anyone else experience this weird phenomenon?


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Forever Changed My Tastebuds

  1. Dr.Isaac says:

    I just wanted to comment about the photo of the tongue!
    Scientifically, it has been proved that this scheme of feeling the different flavors is incorrect, and our tongues are specialized to feel different tastes on all of its surface.


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