New Obsession: NPR’s Invisibilia Podcasts

For those of you who loved NPR’s Serial, you’ll love their new series, Invisibilia.  The series mimics the same narrative, investigative journalism from a wide variety of experts in the field and the exceptional, ordinary people who are courageous enough to share their personal stories.


You can also stream the series via your phone using the OneCast app found on Android or iPhone’s marketplace.

Invisibilia investigates the world of the intangible: thoughts, sight, touch, emotions (such as fear), neuroscience and human behavior.

From the site:

“Examining our dark, disturbing thoughts and whether those thoughts say anything about who we are, our fears and how they shape our actions, and our need for belonging and how it shapes our identity and fuels our emotions over a lifetime. They will take you into the real-world consequences of our own expectations — sometimes so powerful that they can overcome physical disability — and test your assumptions that empathy brings people closer together. Along the way, you’ll encounter fascinating individuals, such as the man who has merged with his computer and a woman who physically feels what others feel.”

My favorite podcast in the series is the amazing Batman and his use of echolocation, or using tongue snaps and sound to detect the world around him as a blind individual. His story is super human and so empowering!


The human capability is astounding and we are only scratching the surface of what we can do.


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