You’re Not Alone

single mom and babyTo all single, by choice, married, divorced and separated mothers.

To the moms who do it all with one arm rocking her sleeping baby while the other hand is answering an email.

  • You’re never alone. You are among friends, confidants and very, very loved.
  • You are stronger than yesterday.
  • You are braver than last year.
  • You look onto the future with hope and promise.
  • You know that destiny is yours and happiness is now.
  • You may want a cleaner house, but you are kind to yourself and know that sanity comes first.
  • You treat yourself with respect, always.
  • You take guilt-free “me” time.
  • You parent in trial-and-error and that’s okay.
  • There will always be something left undone, but you take it in stride.
  • You’re not superhuman, but you’re damn close.

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