Inside The Nightmare Life Of Seven “Wolfpack” Kids

There’s a new documentary I’m dying to see that just hit Sundance: The Wolfpack.

The documentary is about six boys and one girl who have never spent more than a few hours outside. EVER.

Their seemingly paranoid schizoid father (a Hare Krishna believer) has the only lock to their Manhattan apartment. Their codependent mother home schools the children and their only outlet for imagination is the over 5,000 films they watch and pre-approved books.

How is this not child neglect and abuse? Why are we just learning about these children now?

The controlling father “fears” his children will become contaminated in the outside world. It’s clear, however, they are his objects of control.


If everything in this nightmarish story is true, I hope the state provides them ample help and counseling. This is no life to live.


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