Newsweek Special Edition: Your Baby’s Brain

I just bought Newsweek’s Special Edition, Your Baby’s Brain. It is a visually stunning magazine and includes all the learning modules your baby’s brain develops.


Some fun facts from the magazine:

  • Studies show that the presence of pets stimulate the release of Oxycontin, which makes pets a possible calming influence for the baby.
  • A fetus has some limited preferences for taste in utero. Sonograms have shown fetuses grimace with the presence of cigarette smoke!
  • Foods high in folic acid, such as oranges, help produce red blood cells and develop the spinal cord.
  • The sound of babies crying changes the brain activity of women, suggesting we are hard-wired to respond to infant cries.
  • Babies enter the word prepared to mimic stimuli as early as three months old.
  • Studies show that babies six months and older will playfully tease each other such as snatch away toys and then hand them back to their playmates.
  • Babies as early as eight months old benefit from lower levels of distress in adulthood with consistent affection, love, hugs and kisses.

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