Mysterious Illness

A week ago, I awoke to HIVES. Hives! All over by body, itching and burning. Shear misery. I went to the ER. They administered a cocktail of steroids and antihistamines (five to be exact). The hives persisted and I tried every antihistamine on the market. I was taking up to 20 OTC pills. Finally, four days later, Claritin was the magic drug that kicked those nasty hives to the curb.I was so relieved!

But my relief was short-lived. As soon as the hives left, horrible nausea crashed into me for two days straight. When that subsided I had a powerful dizzy feeling I couldn’t shake. I had bouts of mental confusion. I literally felt I was going to pass out every time I got up, walked or carried Andrew.

Yesterday everything disappeared at midnight. This is the first time in weeks I’ve felt normal. I’m seeing a doctor next week.

You never know how important your health is until you feel like you’re out of control of your own body!


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