My Dating Contract

I just finished my finals for school, resulting in 30 hours of not sleeping but an A for the course. I arrive home basically falling asleep on my feet. I had unfortunately scheduled a date with the fashion show guy. I literally couldn’t force myself to go, so I cancelled, with no plans to reschedule.

The sad conclusion of my love life is that I have no time to date and until I have a smidgen of it, I need to sign a contract with myself. I CANNOT DATE until I have ample time to de-stress and enjoy dating. My program is for another year, which means I might have to commit myself to a proverbial nunnery.

This is a sad day of realization :-(.


10 thoughts on “My Dating Contract

  1. erika says:

    Don’t be sad!

    I came to this realization myself a couple of months ago. Once I was honest with myself, I had to admit that I really only have time to focus on my children and their needs, my educational pursuits, and work. The tiny bit of time I have left after those obligations are fulfilled I’d rather spend on just ME. Not dating!

    A time will come when I will feel differently, I’m sure. But right now I’m perfectly content in life as it is. Plus, it’s always said that you’ll meet someone when you least expect it and aren’t looking. So there’s that!

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  2. Scott Mitchell says:

    It’s awesome that you’re a great mother and put your children first. Many parents out in the dating realm DON’T and it’s a big turn-off for me because it speaks strongly about their character in regards to priorities. Just saying

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  3. Syn_Sunflower says:

    I hate saying this but things happen when it’s meant to be….and with this – it happens when you aren’t looking for it- just bites you in the ass one day. Glad your are back by the way!

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