Runner Up Worse Thing About Parenting….

…fishing out toddler poop from the bathtub.

I should have saw it coming as Andrew scrunched his little face and passed gas with gusto, loud enough to remind me of my grandfather when he fell asleep in front of the TV. I was running around before bath time, lifting the diaper just enough to see if the other shoe was dropping/had dropped.

It was late. I was tired. The poop wasn’t coming.

So I ushered Andrew into the bathtub per usual, letting him splash and spit water like a squirt gun. And then it happened. Fast and furious, Andrew made his face and grunted loud.

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,” I said (yes, in slow-mo).

I picked up Andrew from the water, dripping above the tub. But I was too late. Small presents floated to the top and then bobbed in greeting.

Seriously. Disgusting.

So baby marketeers- why haven’t you made a baby tub with a net to make a parent’s job easier? Well, I guess that’s my idea, patent pending ;-P

Large-Baby-Tub-0136-        +  salmon_fishing_nets    = genius


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