Not Another Product Promotion: My New BFF Mascara

If I could only take one beauty product to a deserted island, I’d pick mascara without batting an eye. There is something uniquely feminine about long eyelashes. They make me feel flirty, fun, adventurous and sexy.

I have at least 15 different mascara tubes with a bunch of befuddling wands promoting MILLION LASHES, MEGA LENGTH, ULTRA MEGA THICKNESS, FALSIE FALSENESS and blah blah blah.

Looking through different beauty reviews, I came across Physicians Formula- Eye Lash Booster and Extension Kit. The reviews were pretty positive; enough for me to shell out $15. Now, I love my falsies, but they are expensive and a pain in the ass to take off. I ALWAYS lose 10 lashes on each eye. If I can “cheat” the system with fake fibers that extend my natural eyelashes, then why not? I tried it for the first time this morning with mixed results.

Brush on lashes


  • The system is pretty simple- one brush of mascara on the base coat- application of the fibers on the tip of your lashes- then a top coat of mascara.
  • Beware of application of the fibers- they can get everywhere. I recommend putting your concealer and cover up after you apply the mascara.
  • About eight hours later, my lashes have shed some of the fibers (I found some on my cheek), so a light application of mascara after four hours is a must to re-bond the fibers.


I give this a 4 out of 5 stars. The product does an amazing job for the first four-five hours. My eyelashes jumped at least half an inch in length. This is perfect for a night out, but not optimal for a day at the office (you kind of look like you’re going clubbing). I wasn’t too impressed with the mascara, which feels drier than others. You’re really paying for the fibers. I applied my favorite mascara (Rimmel’s Accelerator Lash) with even better results. I also recommend applying vitamin E oil before applying the base so you can condition your lashes and have a bit of a mascara barrier. The removal is a bit messy, so use a make-up remover not soup and water.

Lash on!


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