Spring Is In The Air And So Is The Eligible Bachelor Round-Up

I’m passively assessing my options after a few months of taking a break from dating. Right now, with a hectic grad school schedule, a full time career, some hobbies and navigating being a new mom, I can only really chat over messenger.

So, here’s the round-up:

Ginger Science Teacher:

I have this weird preference for gingers. This guy messaged me with an almost perfect opener, “You seem interesting and somewhat picky. Two good qualities in a lady. Hope your week was as good as mine.”

Me like-y.

Hipster Single Dad:

Also a bit of a ginger, I was instantly attracted to his dark rimmed glasses, goatee, collared under shirt, pullover and Fit-Bit. Also, his four year old son was wearing a similar outfit with a fedora and sunglasses. Too cute! We exchanged numbers.

Intense Gaze, Tall, Dark and Handsome:

With a shared love of rock music, Leo asked to steal my playlist. Add to the charming messages of “It seems like it would be pretty difficult to stay mad at your for long… even with the ‘chronic bitch-face.’ To which I responded, “That’s part of my charm :-)”

Elusive, Vin Diesel Look-Alike:

I’m not 100% sure on this one. We’ve been messaging over a week now and he kind of punked on asking me out. I usually don’t go for the baldies, but he’s pretty cute in a Fast and Furious kind of way.

We shall see…


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