“Hey, Gimme A Smile!”

I read Thought Catalog’s “10 Obnoxious Cat Calls,”  and had a dose of realization.

There’s a security guard where I work who asks me almost every day, “Hey, gimme a smile,” or “Life’s not so bad. Smile.” I feel like this type of commentary at work is towing the line of sexual harassment. When I read the Though Catalog article, I started to think, yeah, this is kind of a cat-call! In the past, I’ve just glared at the guy or completely ignored him, but maybe I shouldn’t be so timid.

What do you think? Is this a type of harassment or should I lighten up?


13 thoughts on ““Hey, Gimme A Smile!”

  1. imashleymi says:

    I honestly want to knock people’s teeth out when they tell me to smile. Maybe my fucking dog just died, dude.

    And yet, I do the little half-smile/break eye contact because I want to be left alone and figure that’s the best way to make that happen. And then I walk faster.

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  2. snakesinthegrass2014 says:

    It’s harassment cloaked in a passive-aggressive/flirting veneer. It has a creepy “I’m on to you” message in spite of the fact that he does not know you at all. Once with a smile, okay. Repeatedly? Annoying and not appropriate at the workplace.

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  3. APsychoBabbles says:

    I give the most obnoxious smile when people tell me to smile. Just because I’m not smiling doesn’t mean I’m not happy. He could just be a nice, happy guy but if he seems creepy maybe the best thing is to ignore him. If it continues then you need say something.

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  4. YaYa Says says:

    Sometimes people are just friendly and they are just trying to brighten up your day. How about one day you say “good morning, how are you today?” Sometimes, it is some peoples coping mechanism when they are sad.

    It is not very nice to judge someone just because they say such a thing.

    I tend to smile most of the time at strangers even if some give me the stink eye because most people smile back and that is a good feeling.

    I have had the case when I have been in a bad mood and been told to smile. I say, “thank you for reminding me” and I smile big. I end up feeling better.

    Maybe, just maybe, he just wants to make your day just because that is the kind of person he is. But you will never know if you don’t take one minute to find out. 😁


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