Waddling Wednesday: We Are Walkin’…Almost Talkin’

So I’m going to take a page out of Beyonce’s book on Blue Ivy: post pictures that obscure her daughter’s face. I kind of like that idea.

My little waddler :-)

My little waddler 🙂

So Andrew is dashing around the apartment now with frantic pace. He’s into EVERYTHING. His favorite toy is the blinds’ pull string. The darn thing is so long I have to vigilantly tie it up. We’ve kind of moved beyond the cabinet phase with my handy-dandy locks, however, they are a pain in the ass to remove if I need something (like Fort Knox). I have so many toys that I could open up my own Toys R’ Us and yet, he finds more mischievous ways to entertain himself. I will forever be in awe on how babies are born to defeat the Man (i.e. baby proofing system).

Our word count is now at a solid ten:

  1. Dauuughhy- doggy
  2. Boo- blue
  3. Maaammmm- mom
  4. Da-da- dad
  5. Meemee- grandma
  6. Noooooo- no
  7. Ewwww- ew
  8. Uhhhh-ohhhh- oops
  9. Curcal- circle
  10. Nannn- Nana (other grandma)

He also points and gestures and can put toys in cups during bath time.

Ahhhh how they grow. I will savor every moment :-).


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