What Are Your Top Posts?

I believe in a little self improvement and agonize over my traffic- the posts that were read, but not commented; the posts that had more comments than readers; the old posts that warrant more revisits; and etc.

Help a girl out and post in the comments section what your top blog posts were. I’d love to see what types of content people are REALLY interested in reading.



7 thoughts on “What Are Your Top Posts?

  1. Cats at the Bar.org and Back Home in Bromont.com says:

    There is so much more than content. I admit I have it easy, because for me it’s cat photography and humor.(or at least an attempt at humor). I find people don’t pay enough attention to timing. I can tell you what type of humor I aim for, depending on the day of the week based on trial and error. What time of day do you post? Have you tried mixing up the timing to see if it gets more response? For example I do a morning post, that coincides with lunch time in Europe. (I have a lot of European followers)
    With every new post in the reader, your post gets pushed down. So you want to stay as high as possible for your audience.
    Categories and Tags; Looking at this post, you have too many. WordPress, allows safely 15 categories and tags. Any more and you risk being kicked out of the reader and only being visible to your followers. The rule of thumb is 3 categories and 12 tags. Categories should be familiar to the reader. Browse through the Recommended Blogs section. If you use 3 of those your guaranteed exposure. Tags pretty much anything goes that relates to your post.
    Anyway sorry for running off at the mouth. I just like to see everyone I follow succeed to their expectations. 🙂

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  2. Scott Mitchell says:

    Sex sells. If someone posts anything that can in any way be related to sex it will spike! I never push for a following as my only care is to have a little of my work in public, but I was surprised to find that my recent post “Bustle” (not sex related at all) is just a creative project I put together in Photoshop. And on my poetry blog my 2 most recent posts did better than the others during the past year too. With those 2 I integrated images of a female figure.
    I guess PHOTOS are the key. People love photos of creativity and always of course, sexiness

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  3. Syn_Sunflower says:

    So yea tags are awesome….but my most views were when I wrote about sailor moon and my wood burning tutorial….actually daily on both those post. Makes me feel like that’s all I should write about. But then again I haven’t written in weeks….blah. :p

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