Does Single Parenthood Make You Want To Stay At One Child Or Have More?

This is a serious question everybody.

Sometimes I feel as though I’m in the minority. After having Andrew, I’m pretty convinced I want to stick with one. My mom keeps reminding me, “When you find someone you want to marry, then you’ll change your mind.”

But will I?

I really value my freedom and put A LOT of importance on making my one life count to the fullest. I don’t get a second chance at life- I get one and I better make it the most productive/fun/happy life I can possibly create.

The cost of one child is astronomical. My biggest nightmare is to get married, have children, only to be divorced down the road and playing single mom to several more kids with no more energy to pursue my dreams.

So here’s another poll, since I’m really interested in the crowd’s opinion:


6 thoughts on “Does Single Parenthood Make You Want To Stay At One Child Or Have More?

  1. The Episcolic says:

    I voted “more, but I must be married first.” However, that’s not the whole story. For me, I already have two with my ex, but I wasn’t “done” having kids after the second. I wanted one more, maybe two more. When I decided to leave my ex, it was with the knowledge that I might only ever have the two I have already–and I made peace with that. Now I’m seeing someone who is on the fence on whether he wants to have any children of his own, though he’d be happy to be a step-dad to mine. I find myself not sure how to feel. On one hand, I’d still love to have one more child, because my maternal instinct wasn’t ready to fade away when I had my second. I always planned to have a largish family. On the other hand, I can see the merit in being done, focusing on the two I have, and enjoying a life in which I sleep without being interrupted by a newborn or having to change a poopy diaper. And not having to wonder or worry about how having a baby would change my relationship.


  2. 333smp says:

    I chose “I’ll only have 1 child no matter my marital situation.” BUT- For me it’s really- I’ll only have 2 children no matter my marital situation. I’ve got an 11 year old and an 8 year old. With everything they’ve been through in their lives they need 100% of me. Not to mention… starting over in the baby phase would be so so hard after not having a baby for so long. I almost can’t imagine it.

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  3. Scott Mitchell says:

    You wanting to stay with one is very understandable.
    But, I still kinda want to have a boy since I have a girl already. Maybe it’s selfish, bringing another life into this world because I want a boy haha. If I have another girl, oh well. I’ll be happy but not have anymore after that I think. I voted that I want more but married first

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