Bruce Jenner “Breaks The Internet” With A Better Message

After his infamous Diane Sawyer interview, Bruce Jenner “Broke The Internet” in a more empowering and meaningful way than Kim K’s nasty, well-oiled ass on Paper Magazine. I have to say that I am proud of him (which I will now refer to “her” out of well-deserved respect).

As courageous and brave as Bruce is, I hate to say that her daughters are seriously lacking in a positive female role model who respects their bodies and channels their talents (?) in an intellectual capacity. Bruce is an extremely emotionally and socially intelligent human being. I can only hope that after her transition to female, she can help her daughters realize their potential is not the sum of their body parts, because the current matriarch, Kris, loves to objectify her own kids for some quick cash. Heaven help us if Bruce starts to take the fashion advice from Kylie’s overblown lips and Kim’s questionable, platinum blond locks; furry, spider eyelash beauty tips; and sheer fashion choices.

In contrast to Kim’s gratuitous ass and tits image (Yeah, Kim we all know. We’ve seen the movie), Kim’s message is: “Just because you’re a mother, doesn’t mean you can’t still be sexy; so embrace your body.” It doesn’t resonate with the common woman because we don’t have 300+ beauty staff and another 100 fashion consultants, nor would we want to narcissistically post selfies ever hour on the hour. We have more important things to do like learning, teaching, reading, pursuing career goals, etc.

Bruce is authentic and actually wants to help people by telling her story. I found her interview to be authentic, non-scripted and a heartbreaking story of a biological male so pressured by society she was forced to wear a false mask for 65 years. That must be hell-on-Earth.

Bruce is still being dubbed as part of the Kardashian Machine (KM), hocking his docu-series on her transition. But I don’t see it as another KM ploy. Her documentary will show a very emotional process and shed light for others to make more informed decisions on their gender identities.

My hope is that this dialogue moves from “gender dysphoria” to “gender actualization.” Dysphoria implies sadness and depression of one’s gender identity. Actualization implies that those in transition are in the process of reaching their new potential and embracing their natural self as the gender they wish to live.

Bruce Jenner deserves our comBruce-Jenner-Has-Dreamed-of-Becoming-a-Woman-for-20-Years-Insider-Claims-461962-2passion, love, understanding and support. I wish her all the best!


6 thoughts on “Bruce Jenner “Breaks The Internet” With A Better Message

  1. Maria says:

    Reblogged this on Peacfulyogamama and commented:
    Just watched the interview last night, and it was such an amazing message. It is so important for all of us to be true to our selves and also being kind enough to let others be true to them selves. Have an open mind and an open heart, be your true self and inspire others too ❤ #beYOU


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