My 5 WTF – FML Moments Of This Week (And It’s Only Tuesday)…

1. I wake up to find that my 20 quick-matches contain three ex-boyfriends (I wish I was making this up).

2. My break up with Andrew’s daycare ends with his sitter putting his stuff in a bag and leaving it outside for me to pick it up.

3. My new daycare relationship begins with a $280 advance + purchasing new supplies.

4. What I think is 20 minutes of Andrew “playing quietly” is actually him pulling an entire jumbo pack of baby wipes and scattering them in his room.

5. I realize that this time, last week I a.) had stable child care; b.) a boyfriend; c.) was rocking my job; d.) had a massage planned; e.) had an awesome birthday dinner planned. None of these things worked out.


9 thoughts on “My 5 WTF – FML Moments Of This Week (And It’s Only Tuesday)…

  1. Souldiergirl says:

    Ahh! I get this- and isn’t it always that our “peaceful” moments all go to shit when we find what the kids are really up to when they are “quiet” hope some goodness comes your way 💖

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  2. dotcamomblog says:

    I’ve been reading your posts about your dating misadventures.

    I think the dating isn’t working. Or your effort, like your screen time / emotions / and your sexual health, are being drained and not reciprocated by guys.

    The biggest worry I started having was your post about that boyfriend who was pressuring you and nagging you to take hormonal birth control. And you let yourself cave and go as far as get a prescription from a doctor to take that birth control pill.

    I didn’t like that guy one bit. And this is why I suggest that you take a long break from dating so that guys will stop being people who are draining you.

    Guys are brats and assholes to you right now because of that dating scene and culture that you’re meeting them in. Or take a break and step outside the dating culture, and take a break from dating apps, so that you will get a needed break from a guy who nags you to take medicine and pharmaceuticals that you don’t want. And I say this because that ex boyfriend had nagged and guilted you to not use a condom. He was the jerk who wanted you to take hormones even though you had stated to him that the hormonal birth control would make your body sick.

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