New Daycare Relief!

Andrew has pink eye so I took him to the doctor on Tuesday. They prescribed him some pretty strong eye drops and said wait a day. I took off of work for 24 hours and brought him to the new daycare. Rejoice! She accepted him without a worry. She actually trusts the parents (a novel concept) to do what’s best for their children. Since Andrew is no longer contagious and 80% better, I figured going back to work today wouldn’t hurt.

I LOVE this new daycare provider! She is a joy and a professional. The only thing I regret is not moving Andrew sooner.

Now, if only my old daycare provider would call me back so I can pick up Andrew’s things…


3 thoughts on “New Daycare Relief!

  1. Scott Mitchell says:

    That’s good news about the daycare and I hope he gets 100% better soon. I know even the smallest pains we see our children go through feels like a knife in our heart. He’s so fortunate to have you though (happy late mothers day) 🙂

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  2. Heather Keet says:

    I run a daycare and I am always sad to hear parents rejoice over a provider trusting them to tell the truth and make good decisions. I’m glad you are with someone who is a great provider to your Little while you work!

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