The Case Against Home Cooked Meals From A Single Mom

Yesterday I confessed my guilt that I could only manage one home cooked meal a week. In the good old days, my working mother came home to cook almost every night. My mother responded, “Well, you should make more of an effort because it builds memories.” But the memories I remember was the act of sitting together as a family, not necessarily the cordon blu we were eating.

Studies show that the act of sitting down to a meal with your children is MORE important than making a brilliant meal from scratch.

So with that in mind, all the single moms should release the pressure of making daily home cooked meals if you’re stretched to the limit and instead focus on healthy meals and spending time with you kids.

2 thoughts on “The Case Against Home Cooked Meals From A Single Mom

  1. smirkpretty says:

    Truth! When I get too focused on making a big meal, I’m in there cooking while my son is somewhere else entirely. How is that good for us when we have so little time together after school and work? We’ve now got our weeknight menus down to a few simple things with steps he can jump in to do (shredding the cheese, scrambling the eggs), and that I can throw together with only half my attention. This leaves the other half for talking while he either helps or does homework. Save the meals or big fun baking projects for weekends when it’s fun to cook together and make a giant mess.

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