MUMZ THE WORD LOGO2Penny Conrad is a professional writer living and working in Maryland. She is a single mom to an incredibly wonderful toddler, Andrew. After a difficult break-up from her then fiancee, Penny served as pro se in the Maryland court system and is as an unofficial advocate for domestic abuse victims. She continues to dispense practical “mom” advice and musings, grounded in the opinion that the term “Supermom” is an unachievable and undesirable concept. She is currently in grad school, chasing the dream to one day write scores of books and no longer work the daily grind. Penny however suffers from chronic “bitch face,” or the inability to effortlessly display the feminine ideal of incessant smiling. She’s brassy, ballsy, bright and bitchy. Penny is currently chasing the “owning it” belief of single parenthood, a rather elusive mental state. She appreciates CONSTRUCTIVE opinions and vantage points from all walks of life. She forewarns her readers that this is an authentic blog and controversial topics will be discussed. Lastly, if there was ever a true definition of “feminism,” she hopes her spirit embodies the feminist tenants. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

This is me :-).

This is me :-).

27 thoughts on “About

  1. ninamishkin says:

    Thanks so much, Penny, for finding my blog and deciding to follow it. I’ll be coming by now and then to check out yours as well. Although I’m way past the mommy years, it’s always interesting to relive them, vicariously. 🙂

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  2. Army of Angels says:

    Nice to find you! Such empowered writing I read in your posts! I just wanted to cheer,”you go, girl!” Breaking all that nasty silence surrounding a relationship to a secret keeping, abusive, (probably personality disordered) partner, is inspiring. All the best to you and Andrew💜

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  3. Brittany Touris says:

    Hi! I love your blog. Love your lighthearted and funny tone! As a blogger myself, I find your blog very inspirational! I couldn’t find any contact information, so I decided to comment here.
    I’m working on this new project on my YouTube channel. I want to do a weekly video where I feature the voices of young and/or single moms. What I basically want to do is get some inspiration and/or funny stories, advice, or just general comments on the experience of young/single motherhood. Then I want to make a video centered on that theme, as a kinda educational thing, where I can link people to resources and stuff like that.
    Would this be something you’re interested in? If so, you can email me at brittanytouris@gmail.com. And we can talk a little bit more about the project!

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