Bruce Jenner “Breaks The Internet” With A Better Message

After his infamous Diane Sawyer interview, Bruce Jenner “Broke The Internet” in a more empowering and meaningful way than Kim K’s nasty, well-oiled ass on Paper Magazine. I have to say that I am proud of him (which I will now refer to “her” out of well-deserved respect).

As courageous and brave as Bruce is, I hate to say that her daughters are seriously lacking in a positive female role model who respects their bodies and channels their talents (?) in an intellectual capacity. Bruce is an extremely emotionally and socially intelligent human being. I can only hope that after her transition to female, she can help her daughters realize their potential is not the sum of their body parts, because the current matriarch, Kris, loves to objectify her own kids for some quick cash. Heaven help us if Bruce starts to take the fashion advice from Kylie’s overblown lips and Kim’s questionable, platinum blond locks; furry, spider eyelash beauty tips; and sheer fashion choices.

In contrast to Kim’s gratuitous ass and tits image (Yeah, Kim we all know. We’ve seen the movie), Kim’s message is: “Just because you’re a mother, doesn’t mean you can’t still be sexy; so embrace your body.” It doesn’t resonate with the common woman because we don’t have 300+ beauty staff and another 100 fashion consultants, nor would we want to narcissistically post selfies ever hour on the hour. We have more important things to do like learning, teaching, reading, pursuing career goals, etc.

Bruce is authentic and actually wants to help people by telling her story. I found her interview to be authentic, non-scripted and a heartbreaking story of a biological male so pressured by society she was forced to wear a false mask for 65 years. That must be hell-on-Earth.

Bruce is still being dubbed as part of the Kardashian Machine (KM), hocking his docu-series on her transition. But I don’t see it as another KM ploy. Her documentary will show a very emotional process and shed light for others to make more informed decisions on their gender identities.

My hope is that this dialogue moves from “gender dysphoria” to “gender actualization.” Dysphoria implies sadness and depression of one’s gender identity. Actualization implies that those in transition are in the process of reaching their new potential and embracing their natural self as the gender they wish to live.

Bruce Jenner deserves our comBruce-Jenner-Has-Dreamed-of-Becoming-a-Woman-for-20-Years-Insider-Claims-461962-2passion, love, understanding and support. I wish her all the best!

Single Dad Uses His Car To Advertise For A Girlfriend- Cute Or Creepy?

From Yahoo:

A single father who has had no luck with online dating is taking a new approach: posting a personal ad on the side of his pick-up truck.

Robin Thomas, a father of three in Arkansas, has been spotted driving around town with a sign on this car door that reads: “Looking for a date? Would you date a single father?” The sign lists a phone number and only one requirement: “Ages 21 & Up.”

single dad2So- cute or creepy?

You’ve Just Been Ghosted…

GhostI am one of the worse offenders when it comes to ghosting. Usually, if I don’t really respect my date, I will just drop off. If I don’t feel the connection but the guy was a real sweetheart, I will send him a quick text saying “it’s me, not you.”

Argh, as I write this I’m cringing. Going ghost is so cowardly. But if I’m being honest, I do it and I need to be better about it. Recently, I’ve learned a valuable lesson of how ghosting someone can keep you from being with someone special.

The first date with Hipster was almost too good to be true. I saw a few potential red flags and as an alarmist with men these days, I ghosted him for several days. He was just so OPEN about his life that I wasn’t used to the constant stream of interest, honesty and attention.

Well he picked up on my non response and kept quiet. On our second date (which was better than the first!) he called me out.

“You totally went ghost on me,” he said in between glasses of wine.

“I know…” I said, embarrassed.

I had no reason to ghost a guy that I REALLY liked. In an age where communicating instantly is king, why do we feel pressured to play these digital games?

Out And About With The Hot Hipster Circa 1997

I was fifteen minutes late. The Uber driver was creeping on back roads at 10 miles per hour. The Hipster was waiting outside of the bar in his parking space. I had waited all week to wear my cute new mid-drift shirt with a long, body-hugging skirt and laced-up black pumps.

He saw me and walked across the highway wearing a dress jacket, T-shirt, thick black framed glasses and a scarf with yesterday’s gruff. He was the perfect display of San- Fran hippie and I loved his style.

He greeted me pleasantly with a hug and a quick “Nice to meet you.”

“Have you been waiting long?” I asked. I hate keeping people waiting.

“Only since 4:00 p.m.,” he joked. “I like to get a head start.”

We found a place at the bar and immediately I was struck by how gorgeous he was. His pictures definitely didn’t do him justice.

“So did I catfish you?” I asked. Our text messages that week were about his catfish experiences and since it’s hard to find me online, he was worried about a repeat.

“No,” he said. “You are absolutely stunning.”

I liked him instantly.

I was besotted by his intensely passionate energy. He was a smooth talker for sure, but not in a creepy, player kind of way. His eyes were authentic. His hand movements and gestures were excited.

We drank at the bar until I spied an open table and he pounced on it. To be honest, I wanted to have some space between us so he wouldn’t keep touching my leg- too intimate and sexual for a first meeting.

I always like to swap stories about online dating horrors- they’re always good ice breakers. He regaled me in his recent catfish story about a date with a women who was ten years older than her profile stated and with an ass the size of a “table.”

The Hipster kept asking me “what’s my story?” meaning he wanted the details of my ex-fiancee and so called “baby daddy.” I wasn’t too keen on getting into the particulars- it sounds crazy when I tell it aloud and it’s not really first date material. He backed off but told me he was divorced two years, co-parents well with his ex and is a very hands-on dad. He owns a catering company that allows him to work the hours he wants and spend ample time with his kid. I found it very refreshing. He’s also somewhat of a relator maverick, working his way to getting his real estate license and dabbling in selling property.

However, there were some potential red flags:

  • He lives with a female roommate in a six bedroom home who once tried to date him (He swore he never slept with her, however I’m not so sure…)
  • He seems to have few boundaries with his ex (they’re best friends…could she be the jealous type? We’ll see).
  • He is a bit materialistic. He kept talking about his passion to manifest wealth and interest in personal style and having nice things. I’m not really of that mindset. I think modesty and balance is best.
  • He’s somewhat of a cross between conservative and libertarian. I’m a moderate liberal, so we will probably disagree about most things political.
  • He was exceptionally forthcoming about his manic-depressive traits. My ex is borderline, possibly anti-social and it was hell, so I date The Hipster with hesitation.

The night ended with him driving me home. I wouldn’t let him come up because I knew we might sleep together and that’s really not in my best interest right now. I’m not looking to hit-it-and-quit-it at this juncture in my life. But we did sit in his car for an hour just kissing, which was a nice departure for me because I’m not much of a make-out chick. He was an EXCELLENT kisser.

We have plans for lunch later this week since I have no free time for the ten days. Updates to come…

#OSHITBRITT Interviews Me – Mother The World: Finding Your Little Village

I am so humbled that a writer, blogger and fellow feminist took the time to interview me!


And check out these resources to help “find your little village.”

I am a writer, feminist, and college dropout. I am passionate about the things I do and I do the things I am passionate about (and not much else).

What Free Food Does To An Office…

Someone sent out a company-wide email for free food after a potluck event.

In no time the table of expertly laid treats and goodies turned into a gutted carcass of plastic cutlery and packaging, a dripping salsa massacre, crumbled cookie carnage and an empty bowl of chip dust.

Where is the humanity?

A Bermudian $2 Note With Cosmic Significance

It has taken me a long time to write this post, even with its lack in richness.

Almost three years ago, in a time far away it seems, I went to Bermuda with the love of my life, Ron. He’s still my one great love.

After we broke up and I became involved with my abusive ex-fiancee, I divulged my innermost thought: Bermuda was the best time of my life.

SH (abusive ex) didn’t take too fondly to this memory. He sought to stomp it out.

One day, quite out of the blue, SH informed me we were taking an all-expense paid vacation. On his dime. To Bermuda.

We jet-stetted to Bermuda, my old haunts exposed to my new boyfriend. He proposed on our last night. Pregnant, nostalgic and lonely (I suppose), I said yes.

I have the Bermudian two dollar note from Ron and I have another note, only less tattered, from my trip with my ex-fiancee.

Both are constant reminders of love, loss and recovery.

“Shake It Off” Boo-Boos

My coworker, Angela and I have bonded over the plights of motherhood, especially the boo-boos her 3 year old son accumulates after rough play. As any toddler, he cries wildly and throws a tantrum after the slightest bump on the head. In the past, she’d cuddle him and kiss away his pain. Now that she has another son, 7 months old and breastfeeding, her time is strategically divided. She no longer can drop everything and kiss away those menacing bumps.

Enter Taylor’s Swift’s “Shake It Off” song.

Angela, uses this song, arms and body wiggling, to the beat to “shake off the boo boos” and says “just shake it off! shake it off!”

Not only does he shake it off, he smiles widely and repeats the lyrics, erupting in dance steps and bouncing in every direction.