The Ex Files

Here are the top 10 guys who have the great honor of receiving the “EX MARKS THE SPOT” Award (not in chronological order). Some of the recipients are spotlighted in the Ex Files posts. The award recipients include those I’ve dated once, twice, thrice, frequently or exclusively.

I made it myself :-)

I made it myself 🙂

1.) You and I dated throughout college and then while I was in my early twenties, you relentlessly cheating on me with at least seven other women. Congrats, you are the first recipient!

2.) You are my delusional ex-fiancee. Runner-up ain’t so bad!

3.) You moved to California, led me on for weeks, flirted with the long distance thing, and then broke it off over email.

4.) You texted and sent YouTube videos every hour on the hour after our first “mini” coffee date. You honked my ass after our third and final date.

5.) You subscribed to and quoted from the Art of Manliness blog on every date.

6.) You were sweet and compassionate at first, but moonlighted as a verbally aggressive ice skater at night.

7.) You were a high school teacher who made inappropriate comments about your students.

8.) You popped doctor-prescribed painkillers throughout our dates while slurping up your drool over dinner.

9.) You took me Geo-caching and let me sweat in 100 degree weather and then suggested a Civil War reenactment event for drinks.

10.) You took me to a Christmas-themed burlesque show on our first date.

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