What’s Up With the Name of Your Blog?

I could write a graduate thesis on this question. But I won’t.

In short, I write about things that moms, women, caregivers, etc., think but often feel they can’t say. Be it too taboo or not what a woman/mom/single mom should say or feel in polite society, that’s what this blog inevitably aims to do. Confront the uncomfortable.

Mumz The Word… also aims to expose the underbelly of how society views women in more traditional roles. Smile, keep quiet, do as your told. If there’s a problem, deal with it behind closed doors and keep things hush-hush. At one time, I lived in secrecy, for fear of judgement and backlash. Now that I am undergoing a process of enlightenment, it’s not okay to stay “mum”  anymore.


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